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Dive into the capabilities of  your gateway to a revolutionary analytical experience.

AI Search

Our intelligent search bar empowers you to seamlessly inquire with your analytical queries and data in your native language. Uncover instant and valuable AI-based visitor insights.

Reports redefines reporting by infusing Generative AI Summarization that brings understanding about visitor behavior to your reports and helps you make decisions on digital marketing strategies.


Discover scrolling habits, pinpoint critical button clicks, and trace user navigation through different page sections with ease.

Session Recordings

Capture and Replay user interactions with your website and uncover pain points for the website’s improvement.


Our platform is meticulously designed to empower individuals, teams, and businesses to comprehend user behavior through the capabilities of Generative AI.


Self Onboarding Platform

Effortless and Seamless Onboarding Experience

  • Simplifies onboarding
  • Enabling individuals and teams to set up accounts, customize preferences
  • Harness Generative AI-driven user behavior analytics effortlessly.

Power of Generative AI

Witness the capabilities of Generative AI in the world of Analytics.


Analyze Heatmaps and Session Recordings

Analyze user behavior, detect patterns, and implement data-driven enhancements for UI UX on your website.


View User’s Roadmap

Dive deep into user interactions, preferences, and experiences, gain valuable insights, uncover the path to a more user-centric, and enhance your digital marketing strategies.


Session Recordings

Conversion Funnels

Visitor Profiles

Intelligent Reports

AI-Powered Suggestions

Custom Dashboard

Role Management System


Why Choose

Elevate your approach to user behavior analytics with, by understanding and analyzing your website visitors and enhancing brand experience.

Comprehensive Insights

We offer an extensive suite of user behavior analytics features, ensuring you have the insights you need at your fingertips.

User-Centric Approach

We prioritize understanding and catering to your users, ensuring that your digital experience aligns perfectly with their expectations.

Data & Privacy Compliance

We prioritize the security and privacy of your data, offering a reliable platform that aligns with the highest standards of compliance.

Flexible Pricing.

Begin your path to success with our purposeful plans, precisely designed to ensure your satisfaction. Enjoy a hassle-free signup experience, with our free plan, no credit card details are required.

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The cheapest way to get started.
  • 1200 Page Views
  • 50K Generative AI Tokens
  • 10 Session Recordings
  • 1 Project URL
  • 30 Days Data Retention
  • AI-Powered Intelligent Reports
  • Data Export
Join This Plan
The cheapest way to get started.
  • 30k Page Views
  • 100K Generative AI Tokens
  • 500 Session Recordings
  • 3 Project URLs
  • 90 Days Data Retention
  • AI-Powered Intelligent Reports
  • Data Export
  • Custom Dashboard
  • Custom Event Triggers
Join This Plan

The most popular plan.

  • 60k Page Views
  • 200K Generative AI Tokens
  • 1000 Session Recordings
  • 6 Project URLs
  • 180 Days Data Retention
  • AI-Powered Intelligent Reports
  • Data Export
  • Custom Dashboard
  • Custom Event Triggers
  • AI-based SEO On-page Suggestion
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  • 240K Page Views
  • 400K Generative AI Tokens
  • 4000 Session Recordings
  • 12 Project URLs
  • 365 Days Data Retention
  • AI-Powered Intelligent Reports
  • Restriction by IP
  • AI-based SEO On-page Suggestion

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