Privacy Policy for


1. Introduction, a unit of All Friends Studio, is committed to protecting the privacy of our users. This policy outlines how we collect, use, store, and protect user data.

2. Data Collection We collect only essential information such as email addresses and names. Any further data collection will be conducted with user consent.

3. Data Usage User data is used exclusively for generating analytical reports. This data is never shared with third parties and is stored securely on our servers.

4. Data Storage and Security User data is stored in cloud-hosted servers with robust security measures, including encryption and hashing, to ensure data protection.

5. User Rights Users have the right to access, edit, and delete their data. These actions can be performed through the user dashboard.

6. Data Retention Data for free users is retained for 30 days, while paid users’ data retention varies according to their plan. Data is permanently deleted after the retention period or upon user request.

7. Cookies and Similar Technologies Cookies are used for maintaining sessions and generating reports. They store user, session, and page IDs.

8. International Data Transfer User data is not transferred across international borders. All data is encrypted and hashed for security.

9. Policy Updates Updates to the policy will be communicated via email and in-platform notifications. Users are not required to acknowledge these updates.